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Chiropractic joint manipulation is one of the tools we may use to treat pain and dysfunction of the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems of the body. Chiropractic manipulation is widely accepted as a conservative and effective approach to helping patients quickly feel better and move better. The purpose of the manipulation is to restore joint and muscle mobility in areas that are restricted as a result of tissue injury, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.  Our chiropractic care is just one method used in a multi-faceted and holistic approach to healing that always includes exercise programs, strength and conditioning, and often nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for work or sport. Gone are the days of 5 minute chiropractic appointments. We offer an integrated, comprehensive and modern approach.

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Injury Rehabilitation

We use a functional and integrative physical rehab approach to treat acute and chronic injuries. In addition to the traditional elements of physical therapy such as strength and flexibility, our functional approach incorporates training that is specific to your unique goals and tasks, with the goal of returning you to pre-injury activities even better than before, while also reducing the risk of future injury.  Our treatment is highly personalized, and designed specifically FOR YOU in order to progress you from simple activities, like walking or squatting, to highly complex sport-specific skills that require refined levels of physical acuity. We take into consideration your own strengths/weaknesses, individual activities, capacity, and ultimate goals when designing our care for you. You will work directly one-on-one with the physician in our office to experience consistent and optimal results.

Dance Medicine

Dr. Skony is a highly experienced and trained Dance Medicine physician. Dance Medicine represents a specialized niche in healthcare that focuses on the unique challenges and needs of Artistic Athletes. Because of the high artistic and athletic demands and busy training schedules, dancers are susceptible to distinct injuries compared to other high level athletes and thus benefit from having healthcare providers on their team who know their needs specifically.  Dr. Skony’s goal when treating dancers’ injuries is to compassionately return them to class and stage as quickly and as safely as possible, with decreased risk of future injury and stronger than before. You will not get the advice to “rest and wait for it to get better” in our office. Dr. Skony is particularly passionate about optimizing a dancer’s performance and overall health in order to increase their longevity as a dancer. She believes in the value of training dancers from a young age about anatomy, technique, safe training principles, strength, and nutrition. She has worked with youth, adolescent, pre-professional and professional dancers throughout the entirety of their careers and has had the pleasure of treating or consulting with dancers all over the US and Internationally.

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Injury Prevention

As much as we LOVE taking care of you, we ultimately want you to be injury and pain free! That’s why an important part of our treatment process includes education, lifestyle recommendations, work ergonomics, functional movement assessments, and preventative exercise to ensure that you finish your care stronger, smarter, and more efficient with your movements than you were before you were injured.  We also work with patients for elective (non-injured) care to prevent injury before it happens. This is common for both adolescent athletes, dancers, and active adults. We’d love to support you while being proactive about staying healthy!

Performance Optimization

Being out of pain and staying out of pain aren’t always big enough goals. We take pride in helping our patients perform at their best. Performance optimization includes first understanding any specific goals you might have, like jumping higher, running faster, kicking straighter, pointing your toes better, or improving your balance en pointe. We utilize safe and effective training principles to help you reach your specific goals so you can train smarter not harder and get the specific results you want.

Dr. Carrie Skony Workshop
Dr. Carrie Skony Workshop


We offer in-person, hands-on, educational and movement based workshops specifically to dance studios in the surrounding areas. We are available to cover a wide range of topics from injury prevention, to strengthening, flexibility, technique, and pointe readiness. We also offer teacher training on injury prevention, and parents workshops on dancer wellness. We are available for virtual workshops as well. For a complete list of what we offer or to inquire about hosting a tailored to you workshop, please contact us directly.

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