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Specifically for dancers, check out some of Dr. Skony's popular articles in the news and print.

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The benefits of dancing are numerous for mind and body and everyone can reap the rewards of dance! Read Dr. Skony's interview with to learn more about why we can all love dancing.

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Upwards of 80% of dance injuries can be prevented with proper care and training. Here's what every dancer should know. Check it out at Allegro Boutique's blog.


What are the risks vs. benefits for dancers who "crack" their own joints? Dr. Skony breaks down the good and the bad of self-adjustments for Pointe Magazine.


Stretching or Strengthening? Dr. Skony spoke with Dance Informa Magazine about safe and effective ways to improve your arches for dance.

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What Is Dance Medicine?

Dr. Skony discusses the role of dance medicine professionals in helping dancers stay healthy and recover from injury.

Sickling of the foot is not desirable visually in dance, but it is also a significant risk factor for injury. Learn more about sickling and some simple exercises to prevent it in dance.


Dr. Skony discusses high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts - or joint manipulations - common injuries seen in younger dancers, the importance of a collaborative effort between health-care practitioner and dance teacher, and what sets chiropractors apart from other health-care professionals.


Dr. Skony discusses self-manipulation on the DanceWell Podcast. Tune in to learn about the dangers of repetitively cracking your own joints and to learn about what your body might actually be needing if you feel the urge to continually crack.

Child Physiotherapy

Listen in as Dr. Skony details for DanseMedica some of the most common injuries dancers experience and why they occur. 

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Read about some of Dr. Skony's most recommended ways you can care for your feet at home. 


Irish Dancing Magazine IGTV: Irish Dance Injuries


Dr. Skony chats with Ellen from Target Training for Irish Dancing Magazine all about Irish Dance injuries.

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Knee pain is common in dance and accounts for 20% of all injuries in Irish dance. There can be many factors that contribute to a knee injury, but here's what every dancer must know in regards to the knee...


Young dancers often begin pointe work while their feet are still developing strength and flexibility. It's important to understand the role of frequent and accurate pointe shoe fittings for injury prevention. Learn more at Allegro Boutique's blog.


Shin Splints are a frustrating injury in all sports, but especially common in Irish Dance. Learn why Shin Splints occur in Irish Dancers along with some tips about how to prevent them over on the Target Training blog. 

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